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Doctablet is built with one guiding principle in mind: when people understand their medical conditions they are better able to care for them themselves, comply with treatment and improve their outcome. The current medical system pushes doctors to produce by evaluating an increased volume of patients. This means less time for individualized, face-to-face time and directly impacts patient education. Our lessons are born in the doctor’s office and come from years of patient encounters. Following our vision, each lesson is created for the general public and edited by doctors currently in practice. Analogies, based on topics most people can relate to, contribute to our content. Each lesson is richly complemented with pictures, animations and videos developed with physician input by our dedicated team of artists. Our “tablets” are meant to extend the time spent with the doctor even when viewed outside the office. They are intended to complement the benefits of current individualized medical care. Our mission is simple: extend patient care through simple and fun explanations covering all aspects of health and wellness.

Our Founders
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Doctablet is the brainchild of two doctors, Dr. Jose Taveras and Dr. Christopher Palmeiro. Doctors Taveras and Palmeiro have shared a passion for education ever since they worked together as chief residents of internal medicine. At that time, they developed a strong working relationship, leading a class of over 75 interns and residents through the intense challenges of medical training. “ Internal medicine training built a strong foundation by teaching us how to care for patients, but as chief residents, we had the opportunity to work as leaders within the medical community. We had the chance to use teamwork to solve problems on a larger scale. ” The two doctors have joined forces again to face a common problem in the current healthcare environment: a system that relies on doctors briefly seeing large numbers of complicated patients, with very little time for individualized care. “ It’s a situation I encounter over and over again, I want to spend more time with my patient, teach him the many different things he could do to lower his blood pressure instead of just picking up my prescription pad and giving him yet one more medication,” Says Dr. Taveras.

Doctablet lessons grow directly from the doctor’s office, and are meant to complement the time patients spend face to face with their doctor by using beautifully crafted media designed to both educate and entertain. These lessons are designed to be watched by anybody. The idea was first presented to the American Heart Association (AHA) in the form of a grant application, but was rejected for being too ambitious. Seeing the importance of their project in their everyday practices, the doctors persisted and turned to the power of the Internet and social media to create something that has never been tried before. The lessons presented in Doctablet videos are not “just” written, they call upon years of patient interactions to help deliver accurate, evidence-based recommendations that people from all walks of life can readily understand and benefit from. “We wanted to create a lasting impression in peoples’ minds; create something completely different than what’s available out there right now. This is not about an Internet search with results that you have to decipher, these are ideas based on the most current and accurate medical information like you would get from your own doctor, but delivered in a way that helps patients comprehend.”

Ad and Funding Statement

Doctablet is committed to becoming a trustworthy partner in your health by improving your understanding of health and medical conditions. We are funded exclusively by our creators and the advertisement we show on our site, sources that allow us to execute our mission and bring it to reality. Our website hosts advertising in the form of banners only. Advertisement is distinguished by the word ‘Advertisement’.

The content you read on our site is in no way related or influcenced by the funding we obtain from advertisement sources.
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